RaceDots® are the simple, colourful and non-destructive alternative to safety pins and other bib clips. Each RaceDot running bib holder is a patented assembly of two very strong magnets that lock together to hold your race number in place, but they never hurt your clothing.

Safety pins are a thing of the past with RaceDots. Whether you're a walker, runner, cyclist, gymnast, trail runner, or you're putting on your kid's sports day bib number, RaceDots will keep your number SECURE to your clothes without making holes, rusting, or unclasping.

Go recyclable & re-usable whilst wearing the Ultra X brand.

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Race­Dots® are the simple, col­our­ful and non-destruct­ive altern­at­ive to safety pins and oth­er bib clips. Each Race­Dot run­ning bib hold­er is a pat­en­ted assembly of two very strong mag­nets that lock togeth­er to hold your race num­ber in place, but they nev­er hurt your cloth­ing.

Safety pins are a thing of the past with Race­Dots. Wheth­er you’re a walk­er, run­ner, cyc­list, gym­nast, trail run­ner, or you’re put­ting on your kid’s sports day bib num­ber, Race­Dots will keep your num­ber SECURE to your clothes without mak­ing holes, rust­ing, or unclasp­ing.

Go recyc­lable & re-usable whilst wear­ing the Ultra X brand.


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